Football Department Closure

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To our Valued Football Community

There’s been a lot of change for everyone over the last few weeks as I imagine you are well aware.

AFL as a sport in Australia is now closed until at least May 31, 2020.

The Aspley Hornets is first and foremost a community sporting club, and it was very difficult for us to lose football this year as it was for you. Over the last week the Federal Government has also imposed a lot of restrictions on hospitality venues, which affect the Licenced club that helps to support our football operations.

This week the board and management of the club have had to take extraordinary measures in ensuring the ongoing viability of the Aspley Hornets Football & Sporting Club Ltd. This has meant the difficult decision of temporarily standing down most of our staff within the club, including our football department.

Our football department is a vital part of the club and they have all contributed to the success of our football program for lengthy periods of time, which has made this a difficult time for us.

Over the next short period while me manage the current issues surrounding Covid-19 and the rules applied to us all, if you have any questions about football related matters please use our email address:

Our Licenced club is currently open for takeaway food and coffee only, and there is limited staff available. We will be managing the email account listed and we’ll be updating you all on positive changes leading to the recommencement of football once we can.

Thank you for your understanding